Updated 29 January 2017



Total Price


NH-001: 80000-Series 3-Bay Hoppers (for Atlas cars) – enough for 9 cars @ $6.00 each



NH-002: 117000-Series Covered Hoppers & Tank Cars with new Tank Car supplement sheet – enough for 5 cars @ $12.00 each



NH-003: 50’ Covered Gondolas & 40’ Open Gondolas – enough for 4-5 cars @ $10.00 each



NH-004: 81000-Series 4-Bay Hoppers, 80000-Series 3-Bay Hoppers & 36000-Series Large Billboard Boxcars (for MDC/Athearn cars) – enough for 2-5 cars @ $8.00 each



NH-005: Depressed Center Flat Cars & 16000-Series GATX Flat Cars – enough for 3-5 @ $14.00 each



NH-006: 19100-19111 Series 70-T Low Bulkhead Flat Cars, 17800-17899 Series 50-T Flat Cars & 17050-17059 Series Depressed Center Flat Cars – enough for 4-5 cars @ $10.00 each



NH-007: 17200-17275 Series 70-T Flat Cars & 17300-17399 70-T Flat Car – enough for 5 cars @ $9.00 each



NEW! NH-008: Wooden Work Service & Tool Cars – enough for 6 cars @ $12.00 each



NEW! NH-009: Difco Dump Car, NHA220 – NHA229 Series – enough for 6 cars, and Series I-58 – I-73 Wood Ice Reefers – enough for 7 cars @ $14.00 each



NEW! NH-010: Troop Sleeper – Both Styles – Green and McGinnis Black – enough for 8 cars @ $14.00 each



AccuCal 7033H: Double Door Boxcar @$4.00 each



AccuCal 7067H: SW1200/DEY-7 @ $4.00 each



State of Maine/BAR Boxcar (Repaint Scheme) @ $5.00 each



New Haven Electrics @ $5.00 each



New Haven MU Electrics @ $5.00 each


6.25% Sales Tax (if you are a Massachusetts resident):


Total Shipping & Handling ($3.50 per order):




We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and checks. Please make your check payable to "Treasurer, NHRHTA, Inc." Massachusetts residents please include the 6.25% sales tax on the value of the order. Please don't forget to include Shipping & Handling. Charges are as indicated. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Send payment and this completed order form to:

PO Box 289
Accord, MA 02018

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