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Volume 7 Issue 3 (Summer) 1977
  • "The First Six Years of a Fifty Year Career on the New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R." -- Arthur G. Koch recalls the early years (starting in 1908) of his career on the New Haven. 2 pages with photo.
Volume 9 Issue 2 (Spring) 1978
  • "The Doolan Story" -- Reprints of articles from the New Haven Register March 12, 1950 and Hartford Courant April 22, 1951, depicting the career of New Haven Railroad executive J. Frank Doolan. 8 pages with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 3 1985
  • "Crossing Shanty Dedicated" -- The story on how Phil Paradis and the Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum saved the Shoves Crossing, North Uxbridge, MA, shanty, now preserved on the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. Also includes the story of crossing tender Robert Shatos. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 20 Issue 1 1990
  • "New Haven Employees" -- Group photo of employees working at the East Hartford engine terminal, along with notes about some of the employees. 1/2 page with photo.
Volume 22 Issue 1 1991
  • "Clear Block Camp -- Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagungamaugg" -- The story of how an old New Haven combine bacame a summer camp along the old Webster branch. The article recalls the employees likely involved with the delivery of the car, as well as employees who enjoyed the camp over the years. 1-1/2 pages with photo.
Volume 22 Issue 2 1991
  • "Riding the Rails in a Diesel Engine on the Worcester to New Haven Run" -- Reprint of a Worcester Sunday Telegram Feature Parade article from May 30, 1948, about the new Alco FA/FB 0400s replacing steam on the New Haven. The article also discusses the train's crew. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 22 Issue 4 1991
  • "Memories of the New Haven's Valley Branch" -- Memories of John Wallace, who grew up near the Valley Branch in Wethersfield, CT and helped out the local crews as a teenager. The article discusses many Valley line employees. 33 pages with map and photos, including color steam from the late 1940s, cover photo and color centerspread.
Volume 23 Issue 2 1992
  • "The Making of a Railroad Man by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad" -- The recollections of Arthur M. Bixby, Sr., who apprenticed 3 years in the mid-1920s and worked 14 years on the New Haven, including extensive training at the Readville, MA, shops and the Van Nest electric shops. 40 pages, including photos.
Volume 23 Issue 4 1992
  • "SS7: The First Day" -- The recollections of A. Lynch, who worked in the tower adjacent to the Bronx River drawbridge during World War II. 3 pages.
Volume 24 Issue 1 1993
  • "Van Nest Shops in the 1940s" -- The recollections of Arthur Leiper, who worked in the Van Nest electric and diesel-electric shops. 17 pages.
Volume 25 Issue 1 1994
  • "Military Service -- A New Haven Railroader's Odyssey" -- The story of David B. Squires and other New Haven Railroaders' experiences serving in Europe during World War II in the U.S. Army Military Railway Service. 11 pages with photos.
Volume 27 Issue 4 1996
  • "Old Colony Recollections -- of Herb Clark and Don Constantineau" -- Two former New Haven railroaders share their memories of working in Old Colony commuter and freight service in the 1940s and '50s. 18 pages.
Volume 28 Issue 1 1997
  • "The New Haven in a Movie" -- Bob McKernan remembers the filming of the movie "It Happened to Jane" at, among other locations, the Plainville, CT, diamond. 3 pages with photos.
Volume 28 Issue 2 1997
  • "Frederick L. Rowland" -- The story of the former Assistant to New Haven Railroad President Howard S. Palmer, and his interest in photographing the New Haven. 4 pages, with photos of Shore Line trains in Guilford and West Haven, CT.
Volume 29 Issue 3
  • "Capture of the New Haven" -- Reprint of an April 1949 Fortune magazine article on Frederic C. Dumaine and his takeover of the New Haven Railroad.  14 pages with photos, drawings and map.
Volume 31 Issue 1
  • "Going, Going, Gone.  Sold to..." -- The story of the New Haven's Harlem River Auction House and Salvage Department and its employees.  16 pages, with maps and photos.
Volume 32 Issue 1
  • "The Unusual Saga of K-1-b Mogul 409" -- The story of steam locomotive #409, its boiler explosion at Walpole Heights, MA, on August 19, 1923, which killed engineer Joseph E. "Dutch" Henry, its rebuilding and subsequent career on the New Haven. 7 pages with photos.
Volume 33 Issue 4
  • "Long Hours" -- A short article by J.W. Swanberg discussing the hard work and dedication required by the New Haven employees who kept the railroad running around the clock in the 1940s and '50s. 1 page with photos.
Volume 34 Issue 1
  • "Robert S. McKernan, Sr." -- Memorial by J.W. Swanberg for the former head of the New Haven's public relations department. 1 page with photos.
Volume 37 Issue 1
  • "John Durley and the New Haven's Early Electric Locomotives" -- Remembering John Durley, who was among the first New Haven engineers to operate the railroad's early AC-DC electric locomotives in the early 1900s. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 38 Issue 2
  • "Ben Hines, Resident Information Officer" -- Richard K. Hurst reviews the New Haven career of Ben Hines. Hines served as the railroad's public face in the Boston area in the late 1950s and 1960s. 4 pages with photos, period news articles and travel guide written by Hines.
  • "The Best Locomotive Built in New England" -- The story of the innovative nineteenth century locomotive designer George S. Griggs and early Boston & Providence locomotives, including the Norfolk. The article includes a review of the B&P's Roxbury Shops in Boston. 12 pages with photos of early B&P locomotives, and maps and drawings of the Roxbury Shops.
Volume 38 Issue 4
  • "The New Haven and Cupid Helped My Parents Marry" -- Harry B. Chase, Jr., discusses how his dad, a New Haven signal maintainer, met and married his mother, a telephone operator in Uxbridge, MA. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 40 Issue 2
  • "Confessions of a Diesel Fireman on the Old New Haven" -- Jack W. Swanberg recalls his years in the 1960s as a New Haven fireman on the Western roster. 18 pages with many photos, most in color.

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