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Volume 11 Issue 1 1980
  • "The Six Railroad Stations of Newtown, Connecticut" -- Reviews the history of the stations Hawleyville, Botsford, North Newtown, Sandy Hook, Hanover Springs and Newtown. 6 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 11 Issue 2 1980
  • "The Naugatuck Railroad 1849 - 1949 -- Part 1" -- The history of this rail line which ran from Devon Junction via Derby and Waterbury to Winsted, CT. 15 pages with photos and map.
  • "The Watertown and Waterbury Railroad" -- The history of this branch line which connected with the Naugatuck line. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 11 Issue 3 1980
  • "'Naugy' Operations Recalled -- Part 1I" -- Recalling Naugatuck line operations in the 1930s and '40s. 3 pages with photos.
  • "Conductor C.W. Munson -- Last of the 'Naugy' Old Timers" -- Reviews the career of Charles W. Munson, who started on the Naugatuck in 1882 and retired from the New Haven in 1941. 1 page with photo.
  • "Operations on the Naugatuck" -- James O. Ring recalls operations from the 1920s to the 1960s. 4 pages with photos.
  • "The 1955 Floods" -- Discusses the extensive damage to the Naugatuck line during the flooding of 18 - 19 August 1955. 2 pages with photos.
  • "'Naugy' Operations in the 1960s" -- as recalled by Tom Nelligan. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 12 Issue 1 1981
  • "Railroad Tunnels of Connecticut" -- Includes tunnels in Newtown (2), Washington, Norfolk, Terryville, East Haven, Hartford, Bolton Notch, Taftville and Norwich (2). 8 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 13 Issue 1 1982
  • Cover photo of the Comet at Waterbury, date unknown.
Volume 14 Issue 2 1983
  • "Trolley Stop: Mike and Ike" -- The history of the Connecticut Company's two unusual Baldwin-Westinghouse steeple cab electric locomotives, #1053 and #1054, which worked in the Waterbury area. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 15 Issue 1 1984
  • "Waterbury West, on the N.Y.&N.E." -- The history of the construction of the New York & New England lines west of Hartford, CT. 18 pages with photos, timetable and maps.
Volume 16 Issue 1 1985
  • "Face-lifting the Highland" -- Discusses the New Haven's extensive improvements, including the addition of a second track, to the former New York & New England lines in New York and western Connecticut, focusing on the Maybrook line between Danbury and Hopewell Junction. 10 pages with photos and map.
  • "Trolley Stop: Waterbury -- Part 1" -- Discusses the history of trolley service in Waterbury, CT. 8 pages with photos, maps and timetable.
Volume 16 Issue 2 1985
  • "Trolley Stop: Waterbury -- Part 2" -- Discusses the history of trolley service in Waterbury, CT, and the Derby route to New Haven. 6 pages with photos, maps and timetable.
Volume 16 Issue 4 1985
  • Inside cover photo of brand new RS-2 #0504 on the Highland with a westbound 4-car passenger train at Slater Road, New Britain, CT, July 7, 1948.
Volume 17 Issue 4 1986
  • Front cover photo of a Bridgeport to Waterbury passenger train arriving at S.S. 202 Bank Street with nearly new RS-1 666 in 1948.
  • Inside cover photo of I-2 1327 with trains 157, Hartford - Waterbury - Bridgeport, at Waterbury, circa 1939.
  • Inside cover photo of a Saturday Waterbury to Hartford train eastbound at East Waterville, circa 1939.
Volume 18 Issue 3 1987
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Southern New England -- Part I" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled in Connecticut, including the Waterbury - Watertown area. 8 pages with photo, timetable and map.
Volume 19 Issue 1 1988
  • Inside cover photo of a Strates Shows circus train in the New Britain, CT, yards in 1951. 1/2 page.
Volume 21 Issue 3 1990
  • Inside cover photo of Alco's "Black Maria" demonstrator with a passenger train at New Britain, CT, August 31, 1946.
Volume 22 Issue 2 1991
  • "Bank Street Jct., Waterbury 2nd Trick -- A Fond Remembrance" -- T.J. Donanue's memories of working at the Bank Street Junction tower in Waterbury, CT 24 pages with photos (some color), maps and drawings.
Volume 22 Issue 4 1991
  • "More Than Meets the Eye" -- Summer 1939 photo of Train 136 (Waterbury, CT to Boston) with a light Pacific I-1 or I-3 class) passing over the Homer Street bridge in Waterville, CT. 1 page.
Volume 23 Issue 1 1992
  • "Both Engines Digging In!" -- June 1940 photo of two J-class Mikados straining with a Canal line freight at New Britain, CT. 1 page.
Volume 23 Issue 4 1992
  • "The 'Bull Moose' 2-8-0s" -- The story of the CNE/New Haven's F-5 class Consolidations. 20 pages with many Waterbury views including color cover and centerspread photos.
Volume 25 Issue 1 1994
  • "Beauty and the Beast" -- Short photo essay comparing the L-1s and FA/FBs in Maybrook Line service. 4 pages, including color centerspread of L-1 3221 with freight at Highland Junction, Waterbury, CT, June 5th, 1947.
Volume 26 Issue 2 1995
  • "Pushers and Helpers" -- Photo essay of helper service used on various parts of the New Haven, including 2 photos at Forestville, CT. 5 pages.
Volume 29 Issue 2
  • "Operations on the Highland 1947 - 1953" -- Reviews passenger and freight operation on the Highland line between Waterbury and Hartford, CT. 12 pages with many photos, particularly in the Plainville area, and maps.
Volume 29 Issue 3
  • "Operations on the Highland 1947 - 1953" letter -- Member James C. Barnes writes about his memories of New Haven operations in the Plainville - Bristol - Terryville area during this time period. 1 page.
Volume 31 Issue 1
  • "Some Signals on the New Haven" -- A review of the various signal types used on the New Haven, as told in photos taken by T.J. Donahue.  Includes photos around Waterbury, CT.  9 pages.
Volume 32 Issue 4
  • "Tom's Towers" -- A review of the various towers in which T.J. Donahue operated during the 1940s, '50s and '60s, including Waterbury, CT. 12 pages with color photos.
Volume 33 Issue 3
  • "The Best Laid Plans" -- The story of the New Haven's 62000-62014 series 70-ton covered gondola cars, ordered by the New Haven in the late 1950s to retain and recapture the brass trade in the Waterbury and New Milford, CT, areas. 6 pages with diagram and photos.
Volume 34 Issue 4
  • "Wiring Danbury" -- The story of the Danbury branch's electrification and operations. 29 pages with photos and diagram, including cover photo and color centerspread.

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