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The Snow Trains

January 1st, 1998

The New Haven Railroad operated the first Snow Trains in the USA during the winter of 1935 and continued to operate them for many years afterwards. The New Haven's Snow Trains, trains like the 'Ski Meister' and 'Snow Train Jr.', took skiiers from New York City to hills and mountains in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Once at the ski area, the train functioned as a ski lodge, the railroad providing dining car service and often even furnishing a baggage car as a ski shop. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

1939 brochure 1939 Snow Train brochure. This exact format (with different colors) was used from 1935 up until the about the US entry into the Second World War.
The 'Ski Meister' was one of several special Snow Trains operated by the New Haven Railroad during the winter months of the 1930s and 1940s. The 'Ski Meister' was a weekend train which was jointly operated with the Boston & Maine Railroad to serve ski areas located in New Hampshire and Vermont. This is a New Haven Railroad postcard that you could mail home to friends from whatever ski resort the 'Ski Meister' happened to drop you off at. postcard
ticket envelope This New Haven Railroad ticket envelope from the late 1930s featured an advertisement for the Snow Trains on its cover. The New Haven Railroad often put advertisements of various kinds on the covers of its ticket envelopes.
Late 1930s brochure for the New Haven Railroad's 'Snow Train Jr'. The 'Snow Train Jr.' was a one-day train which operated to Canaan, Ct. from Grand Central Terminal on Saturdays. It was a special Snow Train which was geared towards families with small children. Snow Train Jr
1942 brochure 1942 Snow Train brochure. The 1942 Snow Train season was cancelled on account of the Second World War. Snow Trains did not start running again until January 1946 because of the need to retain passenger cars for use in troop trains. Note the artwork of the New Haven Railroad's famous Baldwin I-5 class streamlined Hudson steam locomotive. The New Haven owned 10 of these fine looking locomotives and they were the pride of the passenger fleet during the late 1930s and early 1940s.


December 1997: Hotel Montclair Advertisement ca. 1939

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