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New Haven Railroad Ticket Envelopes

January 1st, 1999

The New Haven Railroad always put advertisements on its ticket envelopes. Often, but not always, these were railroad advertisements. Here is a small selection of New Haven Railroad ticket envelopes that were used from the 1930s to the 1960s. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

Early 1930sHere is a typical ticket envelope from the early 1930s. It advertised the New Haven's 'Short Line' route between Boston, MA and New Haven, CT over the former New York & New England 'Midland Division'. Note the I-4 pulling a train of heavyweight coaches.

This is a ticket envelope from the mid 1930s which promoted spending your summer vacation in New England.Mid 1930s

Mid 1930sHere is another New Haven Railroad ticket envelope from the mid 1930s which promoted the train as a money saving means of travel. This was of course the era of the 'Great Depression'!

This ticket envelope from the mid to late 1930s promotes the New Haven's new fleet of Pullman Standard (Worcester built) lightweight passenger coaches. These cars had sealed picture windows and mechanical air conditioning.American Flyer

This 1939 ticket envelope advertises the New Haven Railroad's 'Rail-Auto Travel Plan'. This promotion combined a train ticket with a car rental at the passenger's destination. Note the Baldwin I-5 class streamlined steam locomotive and the train of Pullman Standard lightweight coaches!

This ticket envelope from 1940 advertises New Haven Railroad passenger train service to the World's Fair which was held in New York City during 1939 and 1940.1940 World's Fair

WW2Here is an early Second World War ticket envelope with a plea for passengers to check their baggage before getting on their train. The reason given in the text is that the soldiers on the trains needed the space in the overhead baggage racks for their gear!

This ticket envelope from 1946 was part of an unprecedented New Haven Railroad freight and passenger traffic advertising campaign which was conducted during the early postwar years.Early Postwar

PostwarThis 1947 ticket envelope features an advertisement from the New Haven Railroad's industrial development organization. It is a plea for businesses to locate in New England.

The cover of this ticket envelope from 1950 features an interesting cartoon colonial character holding a streamlined New Haven passenger train pulled by an Alco/GE PA locomotive.1950

1954This 1954 ticket envelope features an advertisement for the Hertz car rental agency which includes artwork of a New Haven Railroad passenger train. The R.S. Robie/Hertz company was controlled by the Dumaine family at that time.

This is a ticket envelope from 1955. It is unusual in that it depicts an Alco/GE DL-109 diesel locomotive in Herbert Matter's new image red, white, and black colors. Only one DL-109 ever got this paint scheme.1955

Late 1950sThis ticket envelope dates from the late 1950s. It advertised the New Haven Railroad's family fare. Full fare for adults, half fair or less for children, depending upon age. Note the understated NH logo. This was typical of the Alpert administration.

This ticket envelope from 1964/1965 advertised the New York World's Fair and demonstrates the EMD FL-9 diesel-electric-electric locomotive motif commonly used during the railroad's final decade.1964

Late 1960sThis is one of the last ticket envelopes used by the New Haven Railroad before it was absorbed by the Penn Central on January 1st, 1969.

1954 Back SiteHere is one for the collectors. At left we see the back side of a typical 1930 to 1954 New Haven Railroad ticket envelope. At right is the back side of a typical 1955 to 1969 ticket envelope. Note the old and new image logos. Often, the New Haven Railroad would stick additional advertising under the flap of the envelope. Both of these ticket envelopes advertised car rental services under their flaps. 1955 Back Side


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