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The 'image page' is where we put a changing variety of New Haven Railroad photographs and advertising material for you to enjoy. Be sure to check back here often because we plan to refresh these images on a regular basis.

Pre-War Advertising Brochures

March 1st, 1998

Here is a small selection of small New Haven Railroad travel brochures from the immediate pre-war years, 1939 - 1940. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

New YorkThis 1939 brochure announced additional passenger trains and a faster schedule on the 'Springfield Line' between New York City and Springfield, Massachusetts.

This is a 1940 brochure which advertised the New Haven Railroad's 'Berkshire Line' between South Norwalk, Connecticut and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Much of the 'Berkshire Line' ran along the scenic Housatonic River in western Connecticut.Berkshires

I Recommend the TrainHere is another 1940 brochure. This one, however, is a 'generic' advertising brochure which promoted New Haven Railroad passenger service in general. The inside of this brochure is loaded with interior photos of the New Haven Railroad's Pullman Standard (Osgood-Bradley) lightweight passenger coaches, grille cars, modernized diners, parlor cars, etc.

This 1939 brochure advertised additional commuter trains operating between Grand Central Terminal in New York City and various Westchester County passenger stations. At this time, Westchester County was being promoted as the ideal bedroom community for New York City business people.Westchester

Just For Fun!This 1940 brochure advertised some of the New Haven Railroad's summer 'hobby trains'. For example, special day trip trains for photographers, bicyclists, painters, boaters, hikers, fishermen, etc.

This 1939 brochure advertised main line train service over the 'Shoreline Route' between New York City and Boston. At this time, there was also an 'Inland Route' between New York City and Boston which operated over the 'Springfield Line' between New Haven and Springfield and then to Boston via the Boston & Albany (New York Central).New York - Boston

Berkshires AgainThis is a 1939 brochure which advertised the New Haven Railroad's scenic 'Berkshire Line' along the Housatonic River in western Connecticut to Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

This interesting 1940 brochure was actually a joint advertising venture between the New Haven Railroad and Gilchrist's department store of Quincy, Massachusetts. During the Depression years, the New Haven Railroad did a lot of cooperative advertising with New England area hotels, tourist attractions, and other businesses. At this time, the New Haven Railroad had reduced its passenger fares. The railroad teamed up with Gilchrist's to promote the train as the cheapest way for shoppers to get to the store!Gilchrists


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