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Pilgrim Tours

March 1st, 1999

The New Haven Railroad's famous Pilgrim Tours were complete package tours which included train fares, hotel accommodations, meals, tour guides, admission fees, etc. Pilgrim Tours were conducted across southern New England and in New York City and through connections to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and even Canada. The New Haven Railroad's Pilgrim Tour concept was one of many travel promotions dreamed up by president Howard S. Palmer's talented 'Brain Trust' during the late 1930s. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

1939 The very first New Haven Railroad Pilgrim Tour brochure was published in 1939. The first Pilgrim Tour itineraries were initially created to cater to people who normally took European vacations but who had been frightened away by the approaching war.
Here is one of the last pre-war Pilgrim Tour brochures. The Pilgrim Tours were put on hold during the war years. The volume of war related business was so great that the New Haven Railroad actually had to actively discourage all non-essential travel. 1941
1947 Here is one of the first Pilgrim Tour brochures from the post-war years. After years of having to discourage vacation travel, the Palmer administration approached the passenger business with a vengeance after 1946.
This 1948 Pilgrim Tour brochure featured an image of a pilgrim statue on display in Plymouth, Ma. This statue was incorporated into the design of a special pin worn by Pilgrim Tour guides during the late 1940s. 1948
1949 This 1949 Pilgrim Tour brochure was typical of the timetable-like style of most postwar Pilgrim Tour brochures.
This timetable-like 1950 Pilgrim Tour brochure features artwork of a Cape Cod lighthouse on its cover. 1950
1951 The 1951 Pilgrim Tour brochure featured artwork of a New Haven Railroad Alco/GE PA pulling a train of Pullman Standard streamlined coaches. This same style of Pilgrim Tour brochure, with different colored covers, was used throughout most of the administration of Frederic 'Buck' Dumaine Jr.
Note that the front cover of this early 1954 Pilgrim Tour brochure does not bear any New Haven Railroad identification! On this style of brochure, the New Haven name was printed on the back cover. 1954
1954 Here is another Pilgrim Tour brochure from late 1954 which does not bear any New Haven Railroad identification on the front cover. This was one of the last Pilgrim Tour brochures printed prior to the establishment of president Patrick B. McGinnis's new image NH logo and colors during early 1955.
This 1956 Pilgrim Tour brochure used the new image NH logo and general advertising brochure design format that was established by graphic designer Herbert Matter and his associate Norman Ives during early 1955. Herbert Matter was a famous Swiss born graphic designer and photographer who taught at Yale University and worked for Knoll Associates. He is probably most famous for a series of posters which he created during the 1930s for the Swiss Travel Board. 1956
1958 The 1958 Pilgrim Tours brochure cleverly integrated the New Haven Railroad's new image NH logo and red, black, and white colors as part of an overall 'vacation' theme design.
By 1960, the Alpert administration was on its last legs and the New Haven Railroad was approaching insolvency. The quality of paper advertising materials deteriorated as the New Haven Railroad ran out of money. The green paper this brochure was printed on is a very poor quality stock. 1960
1961 The 1960 and 1961 Pilgrim Tour brochures featured nearly identical covers. The only difference being the different years.
During the summer of 1961 the New Haven Railroad went bankrupt again. The railroad's court appointed trustees closed the New Haven's travel bureau in Grand Central Terminal, where the Pilgrim Tours had been administered. Thus, the Pilgrim Tours came to an end... 1961


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