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10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train

October 1st, 2006

On March 1, 1949 the New Haven Railroad operated its first Broadway Show Train to New York City. The special train, which was suggested to the railroad by Theater Guild president Lawrence Langner, took passengers from the suburbs into New York City on a schedule that permitted them to have dinner and see a stage production of the play "Silver Whistle" on Broadway. This first train proved to be a great success and subsequently the Broadway Show Trains became a regular feature of the New Haven Railroad. On October 16, 1959 the New Haven celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Broadway Show Trains by organizing a series of special events and give-aways for passengers riding the so-called "10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train" to see the play "Flower Drum Song". Here is the package of souvenirs that were distributed to passengers on the 10th anniversary of the Broadway Show Train from the collection of Marc Frattasio.

Broadway Show Train Program Cover Here is the front cover of the souvenir program that was handed out to passengers on the New Haven's 10th Anniversary Broadway Show train on October 16, 1959.

Broadway Show Train Program Inside Cover

The interior of the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train souvenir program is shown above. The program described all of the various give-aways and special events that were arranged for passengers riding on the special train by the railroad.

Broadway Show Train Program Back The back cover of the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train souvenir program presented the names of some of the 83 different Broadway stage productions that the New Haven had run special trains for up to that date.
Complementary souvenir programs for the Flower Drum Song play itself were handed out to all passengers riding the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train.
Magazine Each passenger on the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train was also presented with a copy of Playbill magazine, which had a feature story on the Flower Drum Song play and its cast.
A fashion show, conducted by Fred Phillips of Hamden, CT, was held on board the special train while it was en-route to New York City. Here's the souvenir program for the train's fashion show which presented descriptions of all the outfits worn by the models during the fashion show and their prices. Fashion Show
Menu Although grill car service was always available on the Broadway Show Trains, the New Haven Railroad made arrangements for passengers on the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train to have a special dinner at the famous Brass Rail Restaurant in New York City. Here's the menu. Not a bad spread for only $3.25 including tax and tip!
Every woman traveling on the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train was presented with a genuine Chinese hand fan (made in Hong Kong) which had a special silver and blue tag marked with the train's name and the NH logo attached. Fan #1
Fan #2 Here's the 10th Anniversary Broadway Show Train souvenir Chinese fan folded up. This image also shows the reverse side of the tag, which features the NH logo and the Chinese characters for the words "Flower", "Drum" and "Song", which of course is the name of the play.


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