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Boston Travel Advertising Material

October 1st, 1998

The New Haven Railroad's northern end point was the city of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts. Boston is home to many places of great cultural, business, and recreational interest. Consequently, the New Haven Railroad was perpetually pushing the city of Boston as a travel destination. Here is a small selection of New Haven Railroad Boston travel advertising materials from the 1950s and 1960s. These advertising materials are from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

1953 Boston Folder This is a Boston area travel folder from the summer of 1953 which advertised Sunday passenger trains operating between Boston, Cape Cod, Providence, and Hartford. Presiden Frederic C. Dumaine Jr. ('Buck' Dumaine) was extremely interested in improving the quality of the New Haven Railroad's passenger service. Under president 'Buck' Dumaine, new Budd Rail Diesel Cars were used to bring improved service to Cape Cod and a number of other historically neglected lines.
This folder from October 1954 advertised low cost excursion fares to and from Boston and a number of other points on the New Haven Railroad. This is one of the last folder designs used on the railroad prior to the establishment of president McGinnis' new image in early 1955. 1954 Folder
1955 Boston Folder This is a McGinnis era 'new image' weekend travel folder from the summer of 1955. The NH logo and general format of this folder were designed in late 1954 by Knoll Associates graphic designer Herbert Matter with the assistance of Norman Ives. During early 1955 the new NH logo supplemented the New Haven Railroad's older logos in company advertising materials.
Here is another slightly different 'new image' Boston travel folder from the summer of 1956. President George Alpert, who took over from Patrick McGinnis in January 1956, used many of the graphic formats developed by Herbert Matter and Norman Ives in 1955 during the first year of his administration. Note the hole at the top of this folder. A stack of folders like this one were generally hung from a nail or hook or piece of string in passenger station waiting rooms. 1956 Boston Folder
1956 Fares This is another 1956 brochure which was designed by Herbert Matter. Generally, any 1955 or 1956 New Haven Railroad advertising brochure which featured a big NH like this one was designed by Herbert Matter. The 1955 advertising materials which featured engravings and smaller NH logos were generally designed by Norman Ives. This brochure listed the New Haven and Pullman fares to various stations in the Boston area.
This is an Alpert administration Boston travel folder dating from 1958. Many New Haven Railroad advertising pieces of the Alpert years featured a small NH logo. Compare this folder to the two McGinnis era designs above. By this time, the New Haven Railroad was well on the way to bankruptcy and the advertising budget had been slashed. The green paper this folder was printed on was of very poor quality (inexpensive). 1958 Boston Folder
1966 This simple New Haven Railroad 'Historic Modern Boston' flyer dates from 1966. It is unusual in that most advertising material from the railroad's final decade featured one of two different EMD FL-9 locomotive motifs or the NH logo. This thing has neither and in many respects it looks like a throw-back to the advertising styles of the 1940s or early 1950s.


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