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New York City Travel Advertising Material

November 1st, 1998

The New Haven Railroad's southern end point was New York City. New York is home to many places of great cultural, business, and recreational interest. Consequently, the New Haven Railroad was perpetually pushing New York City as a travel destination. Here is a small selection of New Haven Railroad New York City travel advertising materials from the 1950s and 1960s. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

1954 New York FolderThis is a typical Frederic C. Dumaine Jr. ('Buck' Dumaine) era New York City travel folder from early 1954. The picture shows the famous Radio City building. Note the logo at the bottom of the folder which depicts a New Haven Railroad GE EP-4 class electric and an Alco/GE DL-109 diesel locomotive. This logo was commonly used on New Haven Railroad advertising materials between 1950 and 1954.

This is a McGinnis era 'new image' New York City travel folder from the summer of 1955. The NH logo and general format of this folder were designed by Knoll Associates graphic designer Herbert Matter with the assistance of Norman Ives.1955

1956 FolderHere is a New York City travel folder from late 1956. President George Alpert, who took over from Patrick McGinnis in January 1956, used the style of the previous administration's advertising materials early in his regime before coming up with a style of his own. Many Alpert era advertising materials understated the new image NH logo. Compare the size of the NH on this folder to the one used on the example above.

This is a small flyer from the summer of 1962 which advertises train fares from Boston to New York on one side and New York hotel room rates on the other side. Note the tear at the top. This flyer was the sort of thing that was hung from a station waiting room wall or bulletin board. The orange paper this flyer was printed on was of very poor quality and inexpensive for the bankrupt railroad to buy.1962 Flyer

1962Here is another New York City advertisement from 1962. This one advertised various weekend vacation 'packages' in New York City. Such packages included train fare, hotel accomodations, meals, entertainment, etc.

This attractive New Haven Railroad New York City travel flyer dates from the mid 1960s. Note the photograph of the EMD FL-9 diesel-electric-electric locomotive. The FL-9 was an icon of sorts of the New Haven Railroad's final decade.1964 Flyer


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