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The 'image page' is where we put a changing variety of New Haven Railroad photographs and advertising material for you to enjoy. Be sure to check back here often because we plan to refresh these images on a regular basis.

Hotel Montclair Advertisement ca. 1939

December 1st, 1997

Here is something you don't see everyday. The complete design evolution of a late 1930s New Haven Railroad advertising brochure from simple pencil sketch to finished folder. Advertising materials from the collection of Marc Frattasio. All images have been reproduced at approximately 10% actual size.

Pencil Sketch Step 1. The the New Haven Railroad advertising department started with a simple pencil sketch, done in actual brochure size.
Color Sketch Step 2. After the pencil sketch came a simple colored drawing, done in a combination of black pencil and blue and white paint.
Photo Mockup Step 3. Once the basic format of the brochure had been defined, a simple mock-up was created using the actual black and white photograph of the Hotel Montclair that would be used on the cover.
Finished Brochure Step 4. The finished Hotel Montclair brochure. The New Haven Railroad was an early practitioner of cooperative advertising. The Hotel Montclair paid the New Haven Railroad to produce this brochure. The bankrupt New Haven got a bit of free advertising and the Hotel Montclair got the attention of New Haven Railroad travelers.

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