Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)
Lloyd Bridges Al Mitchell
Raymond Burr Estes Hill
Robert Fuller Matt Leigh
Pat Hingle John Marsh
E.G. Marshall Roy Snyder
Yvette Mimieux Paula Harvey
William Shatner Stuart Peters
Paul L. Smith Jim Waterman/Victor Prescott
Arthur Malet Southbound Conductor
Harry Caesar Northbound Conductor
Movie Details
Genre *NYNH&H; Action
Director Richard C. Sarafian
Writer David Ambrose
Language English
Country USA
Color Color
A vengeful employee of a computer-controlled railway arranges a head-on collision of passenger trains. Can it be stopped?
Personal Details
Seen It No
Index 11
In Collection No
Product Details
Region Region 1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
A perfectly awful made-for-TV movie. Although the locale of the story was purportedly the California coast, it was shot on the Shore Line in the Lyme-Niantic, CT area (which doesn't remotely resemble the Pacific coast, but that's just one of many awful things about this film . . . ). Although it was a few years into the Amtrak era, I suppose it qualifies as being shot on the New Haven! - Tom Curtin
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