July 25th 2003

 Response to Updates and Questions Thread on the NHRHTA New Haven Railroad Forum

The NHRHTA acknowledges the comments on the Forum from various members regarding their frustration with Shoreliner® publication delays. We are pleased to announce that Shoreliner® Vol. 29 #2 is on its way. Details regarding the distribution of additional issues will be the topic of a future communication.  Many of you may be unaware that the Shoreliner® publication process is being revamped to address the inefficiencies and delays associated with its timely review and eventual printing. The Editor and Shoreliner® reviewers remain committed to insuring both the quality and accuracy of all our publications. Given that this organization is made up entirely of volunteers it is not uncommon to experience delays in the publication process. We are committed to improving the efficiency with which all NHRHTA publications are prepared, printed and distributed to the membership.

Regarding communications, the NHRHTA Board of Directors has recently established a formal public affairs function to better coordinate communications between the Board of Directors, the Officers, and the membership. The Board recently approached two NHRHTA members - Dr. Stephen J Boccuzzi and Mr. Dean Turta - and they have graciously agreed to support a public affairs function for the Association. The establishment of the public affairs committee will be critical in supporting both the development as well as the dissemination of all official internal and external communications to insure both consistency and alignment with the Association’s Charter as well as providing support to the Board of Directors. Further, this committee will serve to preserve and enhance the image of the Association by insuring quality correspondence and identifying issues necessary to support the Association and its membership. We expect to have a number of areas both in print and on the website where members can obtain official communications and make formal inquiries regarding Association activities. It is the intention of the NHRHTA leadership to support the Association membership with various activities and technical information which will sustain our mutual admiration and regard for the New Haven Railroad.

We are hopeful that you will find this new function helpful and informative. Thank you for your support of the NHRHTA and thanks especially for your continued interest in the New Haven Railroad!

For more information contact Dr. Stephen J. Boccuzzi, Director NHRHTA Public Affairs

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