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The NHRHTA produces several publications:

NH The Shoreliner®

Our premier publication features a striking full color cover and 39 pages of historical and technical information about the New Haven Railroad. The articles within are written by knowledgeable and respected authors; the photographs submitted represent some of the finest collections of New Haven material available. Photographer-historians again bring to life the past glory of railroading on the New Haven. Back issues are available.

NH The SpeedWitch

Our new all-color publication the SpeedWitch is published on a semi-annual basis, with emphasis on modeling articles, new product information and current news about former New Haven lines and railroad equipment. As this new publication becomes established and more contributors provide content, we hope to publish the SpeedWitch quarterly and with a larger page count.

Both the SpeedWitch and four issues of the Shoreliner® are included with an annual membership.

In addition, the NHRHTA has produced numerous books and videos, including:

NH New Haven Railroad Mechanical Department Facilities Maps

This is an original publication by the NHRHTA. It consists of maps from the Mechanical Department, some from the 1940 era and some from the late 1950s. The maps have been supplemented by many fine photographs, 30 in all, including 15 aerial views of some of the major shops and yards, including two large panoramas, one of Cedar Hill, CT, and the other of Readville, MA. In many instances, the photos are adjacent to the maps allowing the viewer to see not only the map but the photo as well.

NH The New Haven Railroad in the 1950s

This 60-minute video is based on the Kent Cochrane films that member Tom McNamara has shown at our reunions. Tom graciously made available the films for this video.

The video includes sections showing RDC trips in the Hartford, CT, area and on the Berkshire Line, the 1953 steam trip with J-1 3016, a short segment featuring a Mack FCD railbus, and action on the Highland Line, the Maybrook Line and the electrified division.

The original films were shot without sound, and we have not attempted to dub train sounds onto the tape. There is a narration describing the action on the tape as well as some background and historical information about the New Haven Railroad, along with background music.

NH New Haven Mainlines

"New Haven Mainlines", produced by Greg Scholl Video Productions in association with the NHRHTA, has been prepared using the films of Mr. Tom Donahue. The films cover the New Haven from 1940 through the end in 1968. Some of the early action was shot in black & white, but most of it is in color. The original films are 8mm but have a professional quality to them.

Tom shot steam on the Hartford line in 1940. He later shot electrics and diesel-electrics on the New York - Boston Shore Line in the early 1950s and continued filming to the end of the New Haven. A variety of areas are covered, including Shore Line Junction, Air Line Junction, Mill River Junction, Woodmont, Devon, Burr Road, Green's Farms, and several locations in the Bridgeport area. Also covered is the Maybrook line, including the transition from steam to diesel-electric. At Maybrook, the New Haven interchanged with the NYO&W, the Erie, the L&HR, the L&NE, and the New York Central. Included are Erie and L&HR steam and NYO&W FTs at Maybrook and Campbell Hall, the westernmost point on the railroad.

The video depicts a wide variety of motive power with many DL-109s (including unique DL-109 "B" unit 0727 between two PAs), FAs, PAs, C-Liners, FL-9s, I-class Pacifics, I-5 Hudsons, L-1 2-10-2s, and a full gamut of electrics including EF-1 "Geep" motors and EF-3s on Penn Station passenger trains. The video also features some unusual equipment, such as silver-grey painted diners, similarly painted 8200-series coaches, the
Roger Williams Budd train, and some foreign road equipment on the New Haven.

Tom Donahue's towerman's eyes gives a different perspective to the "New Haven Mainlines." We think you will enjoy it as much as our first tape "The New Haven Railroad in the 1950s."

"New Haven Mainlines" is narrated with background music and is 65 minutes in length.

NH Clear Iron

The NHRHTA's latest video release is a Budd RDC promotional film entitled "Clear Iron." It was produced in 1952, and runs approximately 15 minutes. There is a musical score, and a running narration that tells the store of the development of the RDC car.

While not solely New Haven, the NH is prominently featured. The films starts out with aerial shots of trains along the New Haven's electrified line between New Haven and New York. An RDC train is shown on the Woods Hole branch and meeting a ferry, and there are shots in the New Haven shops. Construction and servicing shots are included, with one showing an engine being removed from under a car.

There are shots of RDCs on the Pennsylvania-Reading Sea Shore Line, the Western Pacific, and other railroads. There are shots of a number of other trains, including the
California Zephyr. Look at all those dome cars!

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