January 5, 2004

NHRHTA Technical Committee

Update January 2004


NEW Committee MEMBERS:


The NHRHTA is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the Technical Committee. George Micklus a master modeler and painter with over 30 years of experience will bring expertise in the areas of motive power (diesel electric) as well as the painting and lettering of NH equipment. In addition, John Kasey will also be joining the team. John brings 20 years of technical insights to the effort, specializing in the areas of rolling stock and MOW equipment as well as the painting and lettering of that NH equipment. Richard Abramson, our committee lead for the past 16 years will continue to bring a wide diversity of NH expertise and technical support to this activity especially in the area of NH electrics. Last of all, Wayne Drummond will continue to contribute his expansive knowledge and resources to complement this new team. It is the mission of this the NHRHTA Technical Committee to provide support for manufacturer technical inquiries as well as supporting new opportunities for quality and accurate NH models.


Manufacturer Update:


There are a number of new models in the works for NH enthusiasts. Below is a listing of the HO projects and anticipated delivery dates:


Overland Models: NH PA-1s 5 schemes available now as an exclusive run at The Caboose see review in Official Communication 2004-02.


Overland Models: Brass SW-1200- 3 road numbers anticipated, technical information provided to manufacturer, no delivery date confirmed.


Railworks: NE Cabooses - 4 variations Delivery January 2004 Expect a review in the coming months.


Challenger/Overland: Brass RS-3 (DERS 2c) Technical drawings provided to both manufacturers. Specific details will be forthcoming.


PSC: Brass R-3 (2 versions) & R-3a (2 versions) and I-5 (3 schemes) Steam locos are in development and anticipated this year.


Railway Classics: Washboard MU cars, 1948 Merchants Limited (10 car set) and 1955 Merchants Limited (12 car set) as well as individual pre-war American Flyer and post war Pullman Cars in both the McGinnis and Green schemes are expected a 3rd quarter 2004 delivery date is anticipated.


Atlas: RS-1s in 2 Alpert era schemes (1 road number each scheme) scheduled for late spring. Expect product review as released.


Red Caboose: RTR 40 AAR boxcars in the McGinnis orange scheme and black w/orange door scheme - multiple road numbers available at most dealers.


Life Like: P2K PA-1 in the Warm Orange/ Hunter Green scheme-2 road numbers Expected delivery- anticipated February 2004.


Kadee: 34 Covered Hopper -Technical information has been forwarded to Kadee for the NH version of this car. No information available on anticipated delivery. Watch their website for details.


Branchline: Heavyweights passenger cars will be available in both green as well as in the McGinnis black scheme-4 road numbers for each scheme will be available (single and 3 pack). Details on delivery not available at this time.



Prepared by:

The NHRHTA Technical and Public Affairs Committees

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