January 17, 2004 

NHRHTA Technical Committee

Model  Review


Life-Like Proto-2000 NH PA- 1


The NHRHTA Technical Committee recently reviewed the new Life-Like Proto-2000 NH PA-1 in Hunter Green and Warm Orange.  This 2004 release is essentially the same model (shell and chassis) as initially released in prior runs starting in 1998.  To that end it is a prototypical replica of the NH PA-1.  A major improvement is a radiator fan with a beautifully done photo-etched brass protective screen covering the fan.  The paint work, in both color and application is excellent and up to the usual P2K standards.  The Hunter Green and Warm Orange are exact matches to the NH Color Guide.  The pearl gray striping is clean and crisp.  A slight variation in the consistency of the lettering thickness (width of the letters) was observed, however it is not what we would consider to be highly visible.  Most notably the model exemplifies a faithful reproduction of the "Clarendon" style lettering for "DER-3a" on the body, peculiar to only this scheme.  We were most impressed with the fact that the builders plate is actually legible under magnification.  The only painting and lettering inconsistencies we observed were related to the application of the engine numbers in black instead of gray on the rear of the engine in the Hunter Green band as well as the lack of the proper radius by the A-post where the green and orange wrap around the engine from the windshield area to the side of the engine. 

In summary, the model captures the essence of the Alco/GE PA and should be a most welcome addition to the collection of the NH modeler.







Prepared by NHRHTA Technical and Public Affairs Committees.


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