January 31, 2004

The NHRHTA Publications Team


Our recent solicitation for volunteers to assist with NHRHTA publications resulted in a new team of eight individuals now dedicated to supporting Association publications.  Charlie Dunn will serve as managing editor and will coordinate the team’s activities.  The organization chart below provides the alignment of the new team to their various support activities.



We would like to also take an opportunity to introduce the new membership as well as the charter members of the publications team:


Wayne Drummond – Wayne hails from New York and will be serving as NHRHTA’s Publisher as well as continuing to serve as Editor for the NHRHTA calendars.   


Charlie Dunn – Charlie lives in Connecticut and his publishing background has involved editing the NHRHTA Bulletin for the past two and a half years.  In his new role as Managing Editor he will coordinate the activities of the Publications Team to produce the Shoreliner, Bulletin and other possible publications to the same high standards our members have come to expect over the years, and endeavor do so with reliable frequency. 


Ted Jones - Ted is from New Hampshire and has a background as the editor of his own magazine, Coastal Cruising from 1989 to 1998.  Ted has performed just about every function involved in publishing including selecting editorial material, editing stories, selecting photos, scanning, layout and both ad and editorial production.  Ted will serve as an Associate Editor as well as participate in the Layout sub team.


Jim Fellows – Jim, also hails from New Hampshire, he has a strong background in print production and manufacturing.  For the last five years he has been the Manufacturing Manager for Prentice Hall, publisher of textbooks.  Jim will serve as our other Associate Editor and participate on the Layout sub team, as well.


Chris Pey – Chris is from Connecticut and has been a lawyer for 14 years and is experienced in using various photo editing software and video packages.  Chris will participate as a member of our Proofreading & Editing sub team and serve on the Graphics Design/ CAD sub team.


Chris Adams – Chris, also from Connecticut, is our other lawyer, and as you know, is a NHRHTA Board Member and Membership chairman.  Chris is also the curator for the NHRHTA Photo Archive, and it is in that capacity he is included in our team.  He’s going to help us exploit the wonderful asset that is NHRHTA’s Photo Archive.


Bill Chapin – Bill is a professional engineer from New Jersey and has been using AutoCAD for about nine years.  Bill’s graphic design ability will be a tremendous asset to our team.  He will serve on the Graphics Design/ CAD sub team.


Bill Lupoli – Bill, also from New Jersey, is retired and comes with skills in graphics and photography.  He is proficient with two Adobe software programs (Illustrator and PhotoShop), as well as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Bill will participate as a member of our Proofreading & Editing and Graphics Design/ CAD sub teams.


Bill Reidy – Many of you know Bill from the NHRHTA Old Colony Division Show Crew and as the webmaster of the NHRHTA website.  Bill is from Massachusetts and has been proofreading NHRHTA publications for some time.  His frequent contribution of material about “Lines East” has been an invaluable assist in publishing the Bulletin.  Bill will serve as a member of our Proofreading & Editing sub teams.


Dean Turta – Dean hails from Toronto, Ontario and has been a consistent supporter to the NHRHTA Bulletin.  Dean will assist in reviewing the typography of our publications.  Dean’s background includes Desktop Publishing and Typography, book ghost-writing and publishing professionally.  Dean is a member of the Layout sub team.


John Wilson – John is from Plymouth, Massachusetts and has been slotted to work on the Special Projects sub team and the Proofreading & Editing sub team.


Last, but certainly not least because we depend so heavily on their vast expertise, the Technical Review/Research sub-team - Tom Curtin, Rick Abramson, Jack Swanberg, Marc Frattasio, Peter Lynch, and Bill Dulmaine.  These scholars of the New Haven Railroad will help to insure that the quality and accuracy of our publications meets the highest standards.


Shoreliner  Update:    


The following four issues are in various stages of production.  We anticipate that we should have Issue 29-3 completed in the first quarter of 2004 and then printed and delivered as soon as possible thereafter.  Our schedule then calls for Issue 29-4 to be completed in the second quarter of 2004, to be printed and delivered ASAP.  Similarly, Issue 30-1 is scheduled for completion in the third quarter and Issue 30-2 in the 4th quarter.  The following outline provides the ‘working’ Table of Contents contemplated for each issue.  Contents may change prior to publication.


Issue 29-3
TurboTrain finale
Readville, part 1
Capture of the New Haven

Issue 29-4
Readville, part 2
Trolley Stop: A Summer's Evening in Naugatuck
Canal Line - Toward Steam's Last Bow

Issue 30-1
Readville finale

Cloverdale & Colpitts report



Issue 30-2

Hartford - Part 1

Going, Going, Gone! - Harlem River Auction House

Elmer S. Meyerhoff - Towerman SS38


Prepared by:  S. Boccuzzi & C. Dunn


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