February 17, 2005

NHRHTA Technical Committee Organizational Changes and Product Reviews


The mission of the NHRTHA Technical Committee is to provide technical & consultative support to the membership, manufacturers and other NHRHTA committees as it relates to the preservation of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company and its predecessor and subsidiary companies.  


Specifically the committee:

1)     Insures that models are authentically and accurately reproduced by collaborating and supporting manufacturers of motive power , equipment and structures.

2)     Provides information and technical support to the membership on New Haven Railroad related products in development, reviews such products and provides technical support related to member modeling activities and historical inquiries.

3)     Provides technical support to other NHRHTA committees as required to support NHRHTA product sales, publications and representation at various public venues.


Most recently, the Technical Committee expanded to include two new members: Ken Williams and David Telesha.  In addition, our existing team members will continue to provide manufacturer support and model reviews.   The team’s expansion and diversity reflects the need to be more responsive to the increasing amount and variety of New Haven models being produced in both brass and plastic in multiple scales.  The team will be aligned to support this need as follows:


Rick Abramson:  Team Leader, electric locomotives, passenger cars


John Kasey:  Rolling stock and motive power


Ken Williams :  Steam and diesel locomotives


David Telesha:  Manufacturers update and research


We hope that this expanded committee will better support the New Haven modeler to obtain prototypically correct models.


George Micklus will be departing the Technical Committee to pursue other modeling interests. We wish to thank him for his time and efforts in support of NHRHTA Techcom activity.


Prepared by NHRHTA Technical Committee



 Overland HO DEY-7 (SW-1200)


Overland Models has released their HO Scale Brass NEW HAVEN Class DEY-7 (SW-1200 OMI# 087010065.1) in three road numbers 646, 651 and 655. The model was produced in Korea by Ajin Precision Manufacturing and comes factory painted, completely lettered and includes a lighting system.


This locomotive is painted all black with the Red-Orange front and rear of cab and front of hood which closely matches our New Haven color guide for NH serial number 409 Red-Orange. With the exception of the cab side “NEW HAVEN” lettering which is 3” scale height instead of the 2” as on the prototype, the logos and numbers on this locomotive are of the correct style and font.  All lettering on the model is very sharp and opaque.





The overall height, length and wheelbase dimensions conform to EMD specifications (44’5” long over coupler faces, 14’6 ½” height and 8’ wheel spacing).



The Overland Models DEY-7 (SW1200) is an excellent reproduction of a locomotive that was built for the NEW HAVEN in 1956, but it does suffer from some minor inaccuracies.  As mentioned above, the word NEW HAVEN printed on the cab sides is correctly placed yet it should be a scale 2” high not 3” as printed. On the rear of the cab the model lacks a horizontal grab iron to the right of the headlight. Another small item omitted were two receptacles on the rear of the cab to allow for class lights (marker bulbs) to be installed. However, this feature is correctly modeled on the front of the locomotive. The bell should be brass rather than painted black. Modelers may also wish to paint the exhaust stacks heat resistant aluminum. In summary, this brass HO scale model is the first accurate representation of our NEW HAVEN class DEY-7 switcher and is a welcome addition to any NH modelers or brass collector’s roster of New Haven motive power.





SERIES C-1 to C-269


Railworks has produced three versions the New Haven Railroad’s Class NE wood cabooses, which were built at the railroad's Readville Shops. These cabooses were originally numbered 500000-500249 and renumbered C-1 to C-269 in October of 1930. The various versions include the standard NE caboose as well as the wire train cabooses which feature a Golden Glow headlight mounted under the roof overhang on one end and the Maybrook, NY tool-train-assigned C-118 which features a Golden Glow headlight mounted on the roof walk on one end of the caboose.


Although various manufactures have produced models of the New Haven class NE caboose in the past, the Railworks models are the only ones made in brass that replicate correctly the prototype dimensions as recorded in the NHRHTA Freight and Work Car Diagram book (NY, NH & H RR Sketch 5430).  While dimensionally correct and beautifully constructed, various details have been omitted which were added at various dates in the cabooses’ service lives. The vast majority of NE cabooses had both ends of the cupola re-sheathed with sheet metal plates, clearly absent on the models. Also omitted were the vertical bar, which ran from the top of the end handrail to the roof overhang (on the left-hand side of the end handrail only) and the reinforcement plates in front of the brake staff and ladder. The Golden Glow headlights are illuminated; however they are not directional. The light should be illuminated only when the caboose is pushed.


The standard NE and the wire train versions come factory painted freight car red with all applied lettering sharp and opaque. The road name is already applied, with a sheet of “film-less” decals supplied to complete the lettering and allows the modeler a choice of road numbers. The “film-less” decals are applied wet and when the carrier film dries, is removed .The lettering appears to be a dry transfer with no film. The Railworks version of C-118 should have been painted a brighter hue of red. In viewing a color photograph of C-118 on page 73 of Dave Sweetland’s New Haven Color Pictorial Volume One-The West End, one can clearly see the inaccuracy of the factory paint. The roof is correctly painted black but the underside of the canopies should also be red, as should the step risers and platform edges. The under frame is black; however, the face of the wooden toolboxes located on the underside of the caboose should be painted the same as the carbody. The classic New York, New Haven & Hartford script logo applied to the car body sides appears to be proportioned incorrectly when compared to the photo of the prototype. The phrase “WATCH YOUR STEP” was not offered within the decal set. This particular safety warning was applied to all NH cabooses and should have been applied accordingly to the model.  The trucks are the correct style and have very good detail along with the brake rigging and air brake system.


Although some discrepancies do exist in the execution of the paint on the C-118 and various details are omitted, fidelity to the prototype, in most cases, has been captured.  These cabooses should be a welcome addition to the roster of anyone who models the New Haven in HO scale.







Manufacturer:            Life Like/Proto 1000 HO Scale

Model Reviewed:      RS-2

Stock Number:          30710



Prototype Information:

The New Haven received 17 RS-2 road switchers from Alco in 1947 and 1948. They were numbered 0500 to 0516 and were given class DERS-2b. These engines were 1500HP and equipped with steam generators. They spent most of their service lives in the Boston and Providence areas. All were retired by 1965.


Paint & Lettering Comments:

The “full balloon” paint scheme of Warm Orange and 401 Exterior Green is evenly applied and the lines are sharp. The colors closely match the New Haven Color Guide. Lettering is crisp and sharp, but the orange script herald and number on the side of the cab are on the dark side.



This is a stock RS-2 with no railroad specific details. For this reason, the model is lacking the steam generator exhaust stack and vent on the short hood, the horn on the short hood, and the multiple unit receptacles on the “Y” shaped end railings. There is no cab signal box on the engine, however not all NH RS-2s were equipped with them.


Dimensional Data Review:

All dimensions match perfectly with scale drawings of the prototype.


Recap & Comments:

The Alco/GE RS series has always been a favorite among modelers. The Life Like RS-2 is certainly a welcome addition to the HO NH roster.  As for the NH specific details, they can be added to make a correct model of a DERS-2b.


     Manufacturers Update:




Atlas: NE-6 cabooses in two McGinnis-era paint schemes are expected February 2005. The first scheme of a #409 red-orange carbody, black roof, and black over white “NH” will be released with the numbers C-649 and C-673. The second version will feature a black carbody, white ends, and a white-over-orange “NH” and will be available in numbers C-701 and C-702.


Branchline Trains: Branchline Trains will be producing a laser-cut wood kit of the NHRR Cannondale station on the Danbury Branch. Also expected from Branchline - their “Blueprint” series kit of the 6-3 sleeper “Hogarth”.


Crown Custom Imports (formerly Railworks):  The Besler Steam train and Besler rebuilt coach models are expected by early February. An I-2 Pacific is expected in the future for a summer ’05 release.


Life-Like: Proto 1000 RS-2’s in the “Full Balloon” paint scheme of #292 Warm Orange and #401 Exterior Green are now available.


Overland Models: Brass RS-3 (DERS-2c) - models in the first delivery scheme of #292 Warm Orange with a #13 Pullman Green cab and band around the bottom of the hoods. Numbers will be #527 and #535. They are expected this year. The next run of FL9’s, which includes the New Haven and successor companies, will be shipped mid- February. Check the OMI website for details.


PSC: New Haven HO-scale R-3 and R-3a steam locomotives are now here. Check with your dealer for availability.


Railway Classics: New Haven Stainless Steel passenger sets and individual cars in both the original #212 Hunter Green and post-1954 #409 Red-Orange variations will be available early 2005.


Stewart Hobbies: New Haven U25b’s with new numbers have been announced and will be available in a future release.


Westerfield: New Haven 36' single sheathed & double sheathed fish belly side sill boxcars are available. Check their website for details.




Atlas: Expected in January 2005 are New Haven LO-class 70-ton covered hoppers. Also, new road numbers for the New Haven NE-6 caboose are expected in May 2005. Both models will be available in 2 and 3 rail versions


PSC: O-scale models of the New Haven R-3 and R-3a steam locomotives are expected in June of this year.

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