14 September 2007



As most of the membership is aware, we have experienced a number of challenges with the consistent publication of Shoreliner.  We realize the need to improve the consistency of generating issues.  To that end Bill Dulmaine has agreed to take over as Shoreliner production editor and publisher.


Bill has a long history of delivering the Shoreliner.  In 1973, Bill and Ron High approached the late Joe Snopeck, then editor, with an offer to assist in getting the long moribund Bulletin produced.  Bill was responsible for transforming the newsletter format of the Bulletin to that of a magazine.  The Bulletin evolved into the Shoreliner with the first publication entitled the Shoreliner being sent to the members in the Fall of 1973.  The editor at that time was Ron High.  Ron was eventually succeeded by Gordon Cochrane, Jr.


With the publication of Volume 8 Issue 2 Winter 1977 of the Shoreliner, Bill assumed the position of Editor/Publisher.  Bill continued to produce Shoreliners in this capacity through Volume 27 Issue 3 of 1996.


Bill is now retired from his position as a high school Advanced Placement Art Instructor in the Worcester Public School System.  Bill also has a long history in the graphic arts field, and is responsible for creating the Providence & Worcester Railroad's present corporate logo.


Bill will be assisted by his wife Cosette who is a retired High School Computer Science and Mathematics teacher.  She is well versed in IBM and MAC systems, and is proficient in QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, several Desktop Publishing Programs as well as many Programming Languages.


Charlie Dunn will also be Co-Editor of the Shoreliner.  He, along with the rest of the publications team, will be responsible for content development, graphic support and editing.  In addition he will manage other NHRHTA Publications projects, such as re-issue of Data Sheets and any NHRHTA Book or Shoreliner reprint projects.  Chris Pey, Bulletin Editor, will continue his excellent work in that role.


The officers and Board of Directors of the NHRHTA, Inc. remain committed in insuring quality publications.  We hope this approach to publishing will yield a long term consistent solution.


Stephen J. Boccuzzi
On behalf of the Board of Directors


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